An authentic truffle hunt in the beautiful Umbrian hills, an unforgettable culinary experience, a day spent in the company of colorful locals, a stroll through some stunning countryside… the Wild Foods Gastronomical Adventure is a piece of Italy you will never forget. You spend a day immersed in authentic traditional Italian company, culture and cuisine.

Expert Truffle Dogs

We take you to our magical mountain village, nestled among the beautiful rolling hills and valleys of our farm, where our family have been hunting truffles for generations unknown. With our expert truffle hunter we comb the truffle-rich forests and pastures, following his expert dogs as they hunt.


There are amazing views to be had in every direction as we stroll the countryside. When we have enough truffles for lunch, we stop in a really panoramic spot and have our first taste of a freshly dug truffle paired, of course, with excellent wine.


Back at the family farmhouse we discover the secrets of a family culinary tradition. Nonna (Grandma) accompanies us to the pasta room where we learn to make fresh pasta and other local delicacies. We also indulge in an assortment of home-made specialties and great local wine. Then we sit down to a big traditional Umbrian mountain lunch where all our recipes have a ‘wild’ flavor: maybe wild boar stew, roast guinea fowl, stuffed duck or rabbit. Family and friends from the village join us for a relaxing, fun and totally authentic lunch.


It’s a great experience for people interested in food and wine, who want to experience some authentic Italian culture and hospitality, or who just want to spend a day soaking up the local atmosphere over a glass of wine. The Wild Foods Gastronomical Adventure is great for families, young and old, men and women!


It’s also an easy DAY TRIP FROM ROME and a great way to escape the big city for a day. CLICK HERE for more information.


Treat yourself to an unforgettable day in Italy! We give you a relaxing, enjoyable and absolutely unique day in the heart of the Umbrian Apennine mountains. Our group sizes range from 2 – 10 people from all parts of the world. This is a great day for kids and we have discounts for children and large groups.


When: 3 -4 times weekly, it fills up fast so the earlier you book the better!

Where: Umbria, Italy

How Much: Adults 150 euros per person (minimum 2 people) – Children 12 -17 years 100 euros per person/5-12 years 75 euros per person/0-4 years free

Included: Transport (see below), a big traditional lunch, wine, truffle hunting & tasting, & loads more… there are no extra costs

How to Book: We don’t take a booking fee, we just pencil you in for the day and you can pay on the day

Suitable For: All

Transport: Is included from the train station in Spoleto. For other places please let us know where you are staying and we will let you know if we can provide transport or not.

Languages Spoken: Italian, English

Please note: We walk in the countryside so you need shoes suitable for that (runners are ok). If you are unable to walk on uneven terrain please let us know in advance. If you have any dietary requirements (e.g. vegetarian, allergies) please let us know when you book. If we have bad weather we will be in touch to make sure you are still up for it! Please note you must sign a disclaimer on arrival.


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