• Pettino – Our Umbrian Village
  • Truffle Hunting Dogs
  • Umbrian Apennines
  • Lunch al fresco
  • Home Made Pasta
  • Truffles
Wild Foods Italy is the farm and business of a local family who have been living and farming in Umbria for generations unknown. They offer the amazing Wild Foods Gastronomical Adventure, a day spent discovering and savoring the family’s culinary secrets, enjoying the timelessness of their beautiful mountain village, and exploring the magnificent Apennine mountains in search of the rare and perfumed black truffle.
It’s a unique and authentic way to immerse yourself in traditional Umbrian culture and cuisine. You experience the emotions of a traditional truffle hunt, with a local expert and his highly trained dogs, as well as tasting the unforgettable flavors of other ‘wild’ Umbrian food, and spend the day in the colorful company of a bunch of ‘wild’ locals.
Truffle Hunting in Umbria is an age old tradition. In Pettino – our ancestral village – there has been a truffle hunter in every family for as long as we know. The spectacular forests surrounding our village are rich in the famous Umbrian black truffles. The sensational white truffle is found in the valleys below. Truffle hunting is a way of life for may of the villagers, and the truffles are an everyday part of our cuisine.